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Since starting out as a photojournalist and portrait photographer back in 2005, my path has been full of mystery with twists of excitement at every bend in the road. It’s a constant adventure that I’ve never regretted—taking risks to put myself out there has brought the greatest rewards and given me overwhelming joy, freedom, and a heart ready to serve a bigger purpose. So in 2014, I took another risk and stepped into my passion, letting it grow into a full time business serving adventurous couples and families in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and beyond.

There’s a similar adventure and step of faith in love. It’s such an honor to document and witness people in their highest of highs and on the most important days of their lives. But there is so much more to me than simply capturing the moment—it’s an opportunity to show people their own beauty, help them tell their story, and give them the ability to re-live life’s highlights.

I invite you to dream up an adventure in the mountains, be it one sunset or an all day experience. Together we’ll make art through the medium of photography that reflects the story of the road that brought you to this point, the present joy, and the journey ahead.
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